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Selfies are Evolving with the Zano Drone


Imagine taking a selfie without your arm or a long pole obtrusively taking up part of the shot. What if you could take a shot of you and your friends from an angle that perfectly fits the stunning foreground in. Even get a camera to follow you while you nail that jump on your skateboard or BMX? The Zano Drone could be the answer…


Crowdfunding Now

One of the best projects sourcing crowdfunding at the moment has to be the Zano Drone, a palm-sized drone copter with built in camera that you control from your smartphone. It has some very innovative features, and with the right funding and development it could become as successful as the GoPro. Watch the video to see it in action:



Youre Being Followed

So the Zano Drone connects to your smartphone using Wi-Fi and then you can manually control if using the virtual joysticks on the screen. You can also see in real-time what the camera sees through your smartphone screen. That’s just the start though, because when you press the ‘Follow Me’ button the Zano Drone will record the distance it is from your smartphone and then follow you wherever you move to. Pretty nifty huh? But that’s not the half of it.


A Clever Little Copter

 The Zano Drone comes fitted with a device that makes it smarter than the average drone. It automatically tries to navigate around obstacles itself, so when in follow mode you don’t have to worry about a tree or power lines getting in the way. This innovative feature also works when you are manually controlling the Zano Drone, so it will rarely smash into a wall or other obstacle even if you tried to make it. The battery will last for ten to fifteen minutes, and is removable so you can carry replacements if you are out for the day and plan on heavy usage. We’re crossing our fingers that the Zano Drone makes it to production, this thing is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


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