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Selfies Mandatory at this Museum: Art in Island


With most of the prestigious museums around the world turning their nose up at selfie takers, and even banning selfie-taking accessories like the selfie stick, there is one museum bucking this trend. Art in Island has created 3D replicas of many famous works of art with the sole purpose of getting people to pose with them.


In the Selfie Capital of World

It should come as no surprise that Art in Island is in the selfie capital of the world, the city of Manilla. The Philippine capital came out on top in research carried out by Time magazine. By studying Instagram pictures taken in cities across the world, it was found that for every 100,000 people in Manilla, an average of 258 selfies were taken. Now residents of Manila have a new excuse for taking more selfies, and the results have been astonishing.


Artistic Selfies

Visitors to Art in Island have the ability to play with the art on display, to interact with it and actually become part of it for a moment. You’ll find 3D incarnations of renowned creations like Vincent van Gogh’s post-impressionist painting The Starry Night. Then there are unique pieces like a giant crocodile which you can pose with, and even make it look like you’re jumping into its mouth. In fact, the art here isn’t really complete until you pose with it, and you can achieve some hilarious results when you try!


What to Know Before You Visit

If you want to check out the selfie art scene at Art in Island, head to 175 15th Avenue Quezon City, Manila. The museum is open everyday apart from Monday, with visiting hours between 9:30am and 9:30pm. The entrance fee is 500 Philippine pesos (around $11) for adults and 400 Philippine pesos (around $9) for students and concessions. When you arrive you’ll be asked to remove your footwear, so remember to wear or take a pair of socks!






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