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Smarten Up With Brain Training Apps


We use our smartphones for a lot of things, whether it’s texting friends, taking photos, sharing videos or playing games. One thing that perhaps not enough of us use our phones for is to give our brains a workout. Few people would argue that they are already smart enough, so downloading a brain training app and exercising your mind is a great thing to do. There are a whole bunch of great brain training apps out there, and here are three of them.



Elevate has to be one of the most comprehensive and well thought out brain training apps available, and that should come as no surprise considering it was developed with help from experts in cognitive learning and neuroscience. You can pick from 25 skill sets to train yourself in, allowing you to focus on areas like error avoidance, clarity, processing, memory and syntax. You then receive a personalised brain training program to follow, and the app acts as if it is your personal brain trainer, reminding you to exercise and keep up with the program. It’s available on both iOS and Android.

elevate app




Lumosity takes brain research out of the laboratory and into your smartphone, with over 40  scientific games to play that are based on existing tasks created by psychologists and neuroscientists. Universities from across the world are involved in what Lumosity call the Human Cognition Project. The app analyses data from over 60 million users to offer you targeted training, and you can enter on their leaderboard to see how you compare with other brain trainers. A great brain training app ready to download now on iOS and Android.




Fit Brains

Created by Rosetta Stone, one of the world’s leading education companies, the Fit Brains app is an award-winner and lots of fun too. The app has over 360 different games to play that give your brain a great workout. You can create an account to track your performance, and see how you perform across 5 different major brain areas. Simple to use, Fit Brains suggests different areas of the brain to work on based on previous performance so it gives you a balanced workout. To try out the free trial get the app for either iOS or Android.



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