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Smarten Up Your Selfies with Facetune


Even if your selfies aren’t coming out quite as you would like them to, there’s an app for that. Facetune is a powerful selfie retouching application that really does let you work wonders with your self portrait photos. Praised by professional photographers for its powerful tools and retouching capabilities, it’s perhaps the best selfie retouching app out there. If you’re not using it yet, here’s why you should.



Create a Hollywood You

Everything is available to transform a regular selfie into a Hollywood actor worthy photo. You can start with removing skin blemishes, then perhaps apply a complete skin rejuvenation to make your face shine. Finish off with a sparkling smile brightener and a cheek bone lift, and you’ll be amazed with the results.


Always See the Real You

If you get carried away with the app, perhaps taking your make-over too far, don’t worry. At any time during the retouching process you can quickly flick back to see what the original photo you uploaded looked like. You can then get back to work, or perhaps undo a certain change you’re unsure of.


Tutorials and Support

One of the great things about Facetune is that the developers are really thinking about their users. They haven’t just created the app and left it out there for people to download and use. Head over to Facetune’s YouTube page to see the long list of tutorial videos showing you exactly how to make the most of Facetune’s tools. This is incredibly handy, especially as the sheer amount of tools can be a little intimidating at first. Check out the introduction graphics and spend some time playing around with Facetune to get the hang of it and break through the confusion.


Facetune is available for iOS for $3.99, and on Android also priced at $3.99.






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