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Social Love – How Apps and Social Channels are Fostering Intimacy


dating appsHow many of you have spent numerous nights online, discussing with strangers and feeling ‘connected’ to them? After chatting and chatting, there comes the urge of giving in to temptation and going on blind dates. Some dates turn out to be disastrous, while others end up in marriages. Considering the increasing number of social networks and dating sites, it is possible that the Internet has had a huge influence on people’s love lives over the years. In what way? First of all, we can acknowledge the fact that getting to meet new people is a lot easier nowadays. Online dating is not a taboo anymore, nor is it seen as extremely unsafe any longer. How should it be looked at? As a useful tool; as an intermediary path towards finding a partner; as a fun interacting way with interesting people if not anything else.

Some say social channels make dating more strategic and less spontaneous. However, the chances of meeting someone who is rather family-oriented and serious are higher than by going to a club, for instance. Dating apps and social channels compensate the affective shortages, due to the virtual friendships and bonds that are created, or by simplifying partner finding operations. Having a diversity of sites and apps at disposal, if you know what you want and what you are looking for, it is much easier to find a person who corresponds to most requests.

Naturally, intimacy in its traditional meaning is affected, in the sense that it is changed. There is no physical contact, but most online dating connoisseurs state that they feel closer to the other persons, precisely due to the increased mystery and the relaxation that comes along with not having to dress up, to watch the manners, to take care of every detail. Everyone knows that dates – especially first dates – are awfully stressful. They make both women and men act clumsy and feel insecure. By getting to know the other person through dating apps or sites, the atmosphere loosens up. After gaining trust and talking for several weeks or months, the actual dates become less tense. Moreover, both partners are able to become more intimate and talk as if they had known each other for a lifetime.

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