How Social Media Made the Earth a Better Place this Year


2014 is on its way out, but before we wave goodbye to another year lets take five minutes to look back at some of the wonderful things that happened. Here are three handpicked heart-warming moments that were shared with the world through social media. Read these stories and see how social media really did make the world a better place in 2014.


Finding Out You Can Leave Hospital When Youre 7 Years Old!

Little Avery Harriman had spent around a month undergoing intensive chemotherapy to combat his Leukaemia. A 7-year-old full of life, but cooped up in hospital and subjected to distressing treatment. When he finally found out that he was able to leave he couldn’t contain himself, and thanks to YouTube you can watch how he reacted.


The Joy of Sound – Seeing A Baby Hear for the First Time

For the first 7 weeks of his life, baby Lachlan could hear very little. Doctors diagnosed him as having severe hearing loss in both of his ears, so the sound of silence stayed with him until he was given his first set of hearing aids. After a little discomfort, Lachlan could finally hear the sound of his parents voices and the world around him, and his first moments were shared for everyone to see.



Your Own Mother Recognising Who You AreAgain


Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible affliction, robbing the body of its mind and literally making you forget about the people closest to you. Kelly Gunderson’s 87-year-old mother suffers from the disease, and in a rare moment captured on video it seems that Kelly’s mum recognises her daughter once again. Shared on YouTube, it has been watched over 8 million times, and is an inspiration to sufferers and their families across the globe.



Jessica Kohl is an Internet Marketing Professional with background Rhetorical studies. She's been behind the social media campaigns for 10 different companies and provides perspective from both sides of the coin. Currently The social media manager for and co-creator of the Belfie Stick.

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