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Extra, Extra! New Social Media Study Reveals All!


social mediaFacebook shunned, Tumblr soaring and Snapchat officially the fasting growing mobile app, pushing Facebook Messenger and Instagram into second and third place respectively. These are just a few of the very interesting facts to come out of GlobalWebIndex’s latest social media study, the GWI Social Summary Q3 2014.



The Numbers

170,000 internet users across 32 countries were involved in the study, aged between 16 to 65 years old, and it is the largest on-going study of digital consumers in the world. People from all four corners of the globe filled out questionnaires to create an insightful snapshot of the social media landscape in the second half of 2014. Here is what we now know.


The Era of Multi-Networking

We are now living in an era of multi-networking, where internet users are happy to have multiple social network accounts and use them all for different purposes. Like Instagram or Pinterest for sharing photos, WhatsApp for chatting, YouTube for videos, and Twitter for sharing thoughts and news. 91% of everyone involved in the survey said they had visited Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google+ in the previous month, and 19% said they have visited all four of them.


Facebook Down, Everyone Else Up

Amazingly is seems that Facebook was the only social network that actually saw its number of active users decline rather than grow. Every other social network included in the study saw a growth in the number of their active users. A whopping 50% of teenagers in the UK and US said that the reason for using the world’s largest social network less was because ‘I’m bored of Facebook’.



Young Adults Using Tumblr and Instagram

Of all the social networks, Tumblr and Instagram have the youngest users and audience, with 70% of their users aged between 16-34. Tumblr is growing the fastest of all social networks, with its number of active users growing by 120% since the beginning of 2014. On the other hand, Facebook has the oldest active users, with 25% of Facebookers over 45 years old.



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