The ON.com App: Perfect Travel Companion


Meeting new people and making new friends is something we all like to do, but when you’re in a new city or overseas it can be hard to meet someone to hang out with. Downloading the ON.com app to your smartphone, taking a few photos and creating a profile will go a long way in bringing the world closer to you. There are three great reasons why ON will not only help you make new friends, but make sure you have fun doing it too!


Enhance Your Photos

So once you’ve logged in it’s time to start taking photos, which is simple to do with the selfie camera on your smartphone. Snap a few, choose your favorite and then enhance your photo using the built-in filters in the ON.com app. There are variety to choose from to make your selfie as flattering as possible, adding vibrancy or a perhaps a retro feel to your photos. Style your photos your way to reflect your personality!


Choose Your Location and Search Criteria

So once you’ve shared a photo, start checking out the other people waiting to meet you. Set your location to wherever you may be, and you’ll see a whole bunch of people in the area. You can then search through the people in the area using filters like age or even their zodiac sign! Oh yeah, and with one click you can quickly see who is not only located near you, but who are online at that time too!


Chat to People Online

There is no need to wait to chat to someone. Just select ‘Online’ and write a message to someone you like the look of who you know is at the other end of the line. Sending messages to people who aren’t online could end up leaving you without a response for hours or even days. Choose someone who is ‘Online’ and they should get back to you quickly, and if not just keep browsing and hit up someone else!


These are just a few of the features that help you and everyone who uses ON.com to find friends no matter where they are in the world!

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ON is a party no matter what. Embrace the awesome. Use it to meet people locally & worldwide through photos. Download our app for free and meet people through photos.

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