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The Selfie Arm – Never Be Alone in Your Selfies Again


If you often find yourself in situations that result in you taking selfies while all alone, the new selfie arm could be the invention for you. On the other hand, taking photos of yourself using this scary looking contraption could make people avoid you even more than usual. Whatever you think of the selfie arm, it’s an interesting piece of social commentary.



No, not seriously, the selfie arm is actually meant to be a joke, even though the creators are offering fans limited edition signed versions of the smartphone accessory for a whopping $6,200. The brainchild of Justin Crowe and Aric Snee, the selfie arm ‘conveniently provides you a welcoming arm.’ By taking a photo of yourself with this adapted selfie stick it actually looks like you are holding someones hand, and that person is taking a photo of you.


A Simple Design

The designers behind selfie arm created the device by using a fiberglass mannequin arm and adding a plastic camera mount to the end of it. They even covered the forearm of the arm with a sleeve for added effect. There is no bluetooth functionality like some selfie sticks currently available, so users will have to use the self timer feature of their smartphone camera when using it.


Would Anyone Use it?

The fact that this strange selfie stick hybrid has been created, even if only for fun, leads us to the question of whether anyone would actually use it in real life. Imagine seeing somebody at a tourist hotspot carrying around a severed mannequin arm, that would be weird enough, but then attaching a phone to one end and holding its hand lovingly while gazing into thin air. No wonder some places around the world are banning selfie sticks.

selfie arm


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