The Top 5 Most Amazing Hotels In The World


Billions of cash has been pumped into developing these luxurious hotels. Unique ideas have been brought together to develop some of the most eye-catching and breath-taking structures in the world. Built to blend in with nature and culture, these are some of the world’s most amazing hotels:


The Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai
Dubai is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The warm weather and the friendliness nature of the inhabitants make it a good option for vacation, but that’s not all. The Burj Al Arab hote, which is among the most photographed structures in the world, stuns tourists as it attracts more. It is built to resemble a sail and offers incredible views and boasts of luxury suites that are perfect for nightlife and dining options, too.



The Atlantis Paradise Hotel, Bahamas
The paradise name suits well the Atlantis island hotel in the Bahamas. Built on over 140 acres of land within an island, The Atlantis offers the perfect getaway for vacation, as well as honeymoon. Some of the features that this hotel boasts of are two entertainment centers, 12-foot high ceilings and 23 floor levels, with the suite on the 23rd floor known as the Royal Towers Bridge, highlighting how amazing the hotel is.


3. The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas
The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the most luxurious hotels in one of the most expensive cities in the world. It has a rooftop Jacuzzi and suites that could accommodate over 200 persons. Other features that make this among the world’s most amazing hotels are the rotating bed, private elevators made of glass and a full bar that ensures clients are given all-round satisfaction during their stay in the hotel.











4.The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi
It cost around $3 billion to construct and furnish this prestigious hotel that boasts of 394 rooms inclusive of suites. This is a hotel built to bring out the true meaning and feeling of royalty with a spa built by marble imported from over 13 countries. This hotel is popular with top tycoons and has lavish surroundings to create one of the most prestigious hotels, not only in the Middle East, but in the world as well.


5. The Plaza New York
New York is one of the most important trade cities in the world. Important businesspersons make trips to New York frequently and hence a hotel that can match their needs is a necessity. The Plaza Hotel offers just that, boasting of the royal plaza suite, which grants VIPs a great view of Manhattan. Among other services offered include a gym, private elevator, a library, plus a formal dining room.

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