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Top 5 Technology Must Haves for 2014


Technology has made our lives better and even easier in some cases though things like computers, smart phones, and more fun through things like PlayStation and Nintendo gadgets. Here are five top technology must haves for 2014:


google glass

1. Google Glass:

Google Glass is a kind of mini-computer you wear on your face like a pair of glasses. They give the wearer an augmented view of reality by being connected to an Android display that provides a lot of the same features as a smart phone. Plus, it can connect to several of Google’s cloud options such the maps, Gmail, and Google calendar.  It can also take a picture or make a recording using a voice command. Plus, Google is designing a series of mini-games to play using Google Glass.



2. Snakebyte Vyper Tablet


While tablets themselves are not a new thing this year, the Snakebyte Viper is a new type of tablet and can do many things the regular ones can’t. It can act like a smart TV, as it is plugged into a docking station and then broadcasts onto your TV via the use of an HDMI cord. You can also play games on the TV, so it can be a game console too. It comes with an app store with more than 700,000 apps to choose from, as well as having a quad core processor and high definition graphics to play just about any game.


3. Chromecast

This is another new Google product especially for people who like movies and watching TV. You just plug it into your HD television and it streams shows from a variety of video streaming online services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome.

iphone 6

4. iPhone 6:

Signs are showing that two more Apple iPhone versions are likely to be released in 2014. The information being leaked out says that Apple is thinking of making the next iPhone a bit larger than previous versions, but some rumors say there could be two of them with different sized screens being released. Whatever is ultimately released, there are bound to be takers of this newest version of Apple technology.



5. Tablet Keyboards

Tablets themselves are expected to have a sales growth of nearly 50 percent more being sold in 2014. Many people who own tablets are also buying the new keyboard style of tablets. One that is expected to do well in 2014 is the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which is both a cover and a keyboard that hooks to your iPad.

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