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Top 5 Tips to Take Better Smartphone Photos


Smartphones can take awesome photos, but it’s worth knowing a few handy hints to really get the most out of your smartphone photography. It only takes remembering a few little things to make an otherwise good photo into a truly great photo, and it also helps to avoid common problems that affect smartphone photos.


HDR or No HDR? Know When to Use It

You might just leave on HDR all the time or never use it at all, but this feature can greatly improve a photo when used right. It works by taking multiple photos each with a different level of brightness then layering them all together as one. It is best used for situations where you have very dark and very light elements in your photo, like a landscape shot of a sunset and alike. For taking photos of moving objects it’s terrible, so keep in mind when to use HDR.


Forget the Zoom

Unlike digital cameras that have a zoom lens, smartphones do not have a physical zoom, only a digital zoom. When you use this zoom you’re effectively just zooming in on an image, so you lose resolution and the photo becomes pixelated. It also becomes very hard to take a steady shot. Don’t use the zoom, just get closer, and if you can’t then take the photo without zoom and then zoom into it later using a photo editing app.

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Follow the Light

Without light there is no photography, and it’s your best friend in the quest for that perfect shot. Always check the light, where the natural light is coming from, and try to take a photo where the natural light is shining towards the subject or object of your photo. The less light your have the more image noise you’ll notice on your photos.


Low Light? Switch to B&W

So you’ve taken a great shot while out one night in a dark restaurant or nightclub, then in the light of day you see the quality is actually quite poor as the photo is grainy. Luckily there is a very simple way to dramatically improve photos affected in this way. Switch the photo from colour to black and white to see a dramatic improvement, and even go further by altering contrast and brightness to bring out the best in your photos.

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Take Charge of Exposure

The point and shoot aspect of smartphone photography makes it simple, but it can also make it difficult to take more creative photos. Taking charge of the exposure is a great way to start experimenting with your photography skills. Your smartphone camera will usually adjust exposure automatically, but by doing it manually you can create much more interesting photos.

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