Twitter New Page Layout vs. Facebook Layout


By Matt Heckler

One of the biggest changes to social media in the last few months is the newly interface for Twitter profile pages. Some people fear change and immediately reject it whenever a social media goes through a face lift, but others are recognizing the bigger potential for customization for Twitter’s new hairdo.

Some will point out similarities to what we already have with Facebook, and perhaps rightly so. The new Twitter boasts an area on top for a large cover photo, not unlike the one Facebook has had for quite a while. It still has the usual avatar space, just like Facebook, and all the old information is still there.

twitter-template-normal-and-wideThere are some pretty interesting changes aside from just re-arranging some things and making the cover photo bigger, though. Twitter has added the ability to pin certain tweets to the top of your page, meaning that if you have a particularly clever thought that day, it’d be around for anyone who wanders to your profile to see.

A few new tabs have been added to the profile page, including one that allows other users to see all the tweets that you’ve favorited. There is also the addition of a tab that keeps track of photos and videos you have posted to Twitter, including ones shared through YouTube and Vine, although there doesn’t seem to be any Instagram integration as of yet.

twitter cover

Although at first glance the new Twitter profile may seem close to the one Facebook has been using for a while, it is actually tons more user friendly and with a LOT less clutter. Facebook pages seem to be full of ads and general mess to sift through, but Twitter’s interface is user friendly. The new additions are welcome, as customization helps with expression, and that’s really what social media is all about. Twitter hasn’t required changing over to the new system yet, but it’s just a matter of time before these new profiles become standard. Now is the time to get used to it and see about making the new profile system work for you!


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