Use Technology To Make Long Distance Relationships Last


Meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right on the Internet, on a vacation, or even on a business trip can pose many problems. The first problem is distance. Many relationships these days involve long distance between the couples. One person may live on the West Coast while the other lives on the East Coast. How do you keep that flame alive? How do you make the distance feel shorter on a daily basis?


Make the Distance Feel Shorter

Do not let a day go by without telling that special someone that you are thinking of them. Tag them in a post on Instagram, send them a text, even a funny picture… just let them know that they are on your mind and that you are still interested in them. Phone calls are important as well, they allow each partner to hear the inflicting tones and attitudes between one another. Today, video chatting is very advances making Skype & FaceTime very good ways to stay in touch. It helps to remind your lover, partner, or interest what you look like and why they were interested in the first place. Let them see the facial expressions as they hit your face. Smirks and smiles say a thousand words that can sometimes be hard to convey verbally.
Communication is key! Remember that you are in two different places and you can’t just run into a room and say “Honey, have I got news for you!” always keep it honest and up front. Build trust with each other, if you say you are going to do something, do it. If you go out with your friends keep your partner informed, send pictures and videos. Keep the absent partner involved in your life as much as possible.
Each make a playlist on the others phone and when they are lonely or missing you they can listen to it and feel closer.

Crossing the Miles

Making plans to meet on a regular basis is a must once things get serious. Make it a priority to set aside the funds and time for air or land travel. Make the dates and keep the dates. Make the plans together, make it a special time, and have fun with one another. Sometimes meeting regularly like once a month is just not possible, do the best you can with the extra time you have to set aside for each other. If you can’t see each other try making videos of yourself in places that you have been together to keep the memories fresh.

Keep it Interesting

Missing your partner is a sure way of keeping the relationship hot and steamy. Take a day to yourself and let your partner miss you and you miss your partner. A day without communication will not kill the relationship; it will help build the anticipation for the next day. It is hard, but if the relationship means something to both of you, then it can be done. It will also help keep conflict to a minimum. Face it, there are days when one partner is just not as face-time friendly as usual, there is no sense in taking it out on the other one by being feisty and ornery. Give yourselves a day to reflect and put emotions in order and just have some “selfie” time.tumblr_n28ezhlsIO1ttwy94o1_500

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your long distance romance alive and well. Communication, regular meetings, pictures and video, and of course the always available instant messengers and video chat will keep you close and involved in each other’s lives and day to day activities.

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