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How To Use ON.com to Meet People



Anytime you’re using a new social network for the first time, it’s a bit of a daunting task to figure out how to make best use of your new internet hangout. Luckily for you, ON.com is one of the most user friendly social networks out there, and makes meeting new people as easy as finding a photo, saying hello, and hoping there’s the spark of a friendship, or perhaps even something more!

On  app screen shotThe best way to get yourself out there on ON.com is to make sure you’re posting new photos pretty often. Just a couple of times a week is enough to make people know that you’re active on the site. If you’re particularly fond of taking selfies, you can do more than that, but at least a few weekly updates  keep your face out there. Definitely go through and give you love to other peoples selfies by double tapping to like their photos and send them notifications of your “likes”!

The search function makes it really easy to find people whose interests match your own. You can search to filter out practically anything, and it is particularly useful if you want to find someone who is into the same kind of things you are. For example, if you are a book worm who loves to write stories, you can mark “Reading, Writing, and Arts” under image (3)“Interests” and find only people who have marked those three under their five interest choices. Like most other social sites ON.com allows the # hashtag keyword function in the search. This is a great way to find people who like the same kind of things you do, which makes it a lot easier to strike up a conversation and form a  friendship.

One of the keys in meeting new people and finding new friends to remember, however, is to be open minded. Don’t be afraid to message anyone who seems like someone you’d want to hang out with, but don’t be too picky! Just because you’re a different religion from someone else or if one of their five interests isn’t up your alley, doesn’t mean you can’t become great friends. Our differences are what make us human, and you’ll want to find friends who accept you for you, and they’ll want the same.


It is important when messaging someone out of the blue to expect that sometimes they just won’t be interested, for whatever reason. Rather than get hung up on a single person you want to network with, message a bunch of different people at once, and don’t worry if only a few respond. It is highly recommended that you install the ON.com app on your smart phone, too, so you can keep up with your new contacts on the go. You can also extend your use of the App by tweeting with @Onisfun and tagging us in your Instagram photos.

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Building friendships is a lot more difficult than just sending a message and hoping all the right things fall into place, but ON is definitely a helpful tool that can get you on your way. Whether you’re looking for a new BFF or someone to go with for a hot date, just remember to keep an open mind, keep active on the site, and BE FRIENDLY because people can now rate your messages as “rude” or “nice” and you get more points for being nice (just like in life) !



Written by Matt Heckler

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ON is a party no matter what. Embrace the awesome. Use it to meet people locally & worldwide through photos. Download our app for free and meet people through photos.

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