Verizon Powerful Answers and STEM Growth


stemWe’ve already touched on Verizon’s Innovation Center’s big changes on the world of healthcare, but there’s more to their positive impact than health alone. Aside from their innovative technology helping the blind, VerizonsPowerful Answers and STEM growth campaign is making seriously awesome advances in food sustainability, education, and helping women get better careers through STEM.


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According to the World Food Programme, about 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat. Although those kinds of numbers are getting better because of efforts like World Food and other charitable organizations, Verizon has been making clear that even some of big business wants to help in a really important way. In an effort to help farmers get the best out of their fields, Verizon is providing technology that helps advise farmers on when is the best time to plant, as well as making general agricultural business much more effective in terms of energy use. If people are going to eventually eradicate hunger, it’s important that the work goes beyond a few charity organizations, and Verizon gets it.

Another big impact Verizon is having in making the world a better place is through their telepresence systems. In countries where often a kid being sick means never being able to catch up on their education, Verizon is giving them the opportunity to engage in the classroom from home! Beyond just helping sick kids, the telepresence tech is being used to give the students in the classrooms a bigger opportunity to experience more things. It’s a lot cheaper to send a telepresence machine out to explore than to fly an entire class of kids around, so it gives them more of a chance to see a bigger part of the world.

stem inspire girls verizon_makersOne of the biggest changes that Verizon is encouraging which hits closer to home is encouraging women to get involved in STEM fields. That’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, four areas of the workforce that are mostly filled by men. All sorts of different companies are getting in on encouraging girls to become a big part of the next generation’s workers in scientific fields, and Verizon is one of the big leaders in this hugely important undertaking. Women in science are all too rare even in 2014, and it’s really important that we encourage young girls to pursue what they’re really passionate about.

The more big companies like Verizon take an active interest in making the world a better place, the better off we’ll be in the future. If more corporations use their immense power to affect positive change rather than just take bigger profits, we will all be better off. Thankfully, these are just a few of the small steps being taken to do what’s right for everyone’s future.

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