verizon innovation center

Verizon’s Innovation Center is Changing Healthcare Technology


verizon innovation center

Verizon is already one of the biggest cell carriers in the country, but it is clear that the telecommunication giants have more than cell phones up their sleeves. Through their Innovation Center, opened in 2011, Verizon is encouraging crossover between their company’s technology and big ideas of many other companies interested in making a lasting effect on the future innovations in all areas of technology.

Among the biggest focuses of Verizon’s Innovation Center is in the field of healthcare. According to the website for the center, Verizon has partnered with Visus Technology to develop tools that will help those with vision impairments and general blindness to be more easily engaged in technology, as well as simplify their everyday lives. Through the innovation, Visus and Verizon will be able to provide a mobile application suite that uses the technology already inside smart phones to feed data about surroundings to the user without having to rely on other people to describe every new location to them. The advancements have already been had public testing, and the results have been extremely encouraging for those who feel disconnected because of their disabilities.

Beyond the innovation surrounding those with bad eye sight, Verizon is also changing the way medical information is shared. By teaming up with University of Virginia Health Systems and the Swinfen Charitable Trust, Verizon is working to streamline the process of medical professionals in developing countries receiving information about new medical advances. Through Verizon’s Cloud Services, doctors and nurses will get to learn new techniques that have been proven effective in more developed areas which have access to the resources necessary to develop these new techniques.

These are just two examples of amazing innovations being done simply by the concept of sharing technology and having companies and organizations meet to try to improve the quality of life of people worldwide. Verizon is still a business and definitely not a non-for-profit, but it is refreshing to see a huge corporation using its power for good!

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