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Vine 101

Written By: Matt Heckler

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The Vine Appeal:

Of all the forms of social media that just about everyone is using, Vine is growing the most rapidly. As Facebook gets covered in advertisements and posts from our parents, we’re all looking for a unique way to express ourselves and connect with our friends without having our grandmas “like” every post. Vine is the wave of the next-gen  future. Despite the fact that the app is only a little more than a year old, Vine is the number one video sharing app on the web. It also integrates the other social platforms so that sign up is smooth and sharing is fluid.

Vines In Action:

What Instagram does for photos, Vine does for videos. You record short videos with a 6 second max. It can be something as simple as a video of your adorable cat grooming itself, which seems to get instant likes, or something a bit more artistically out there. Check out Best of Vines or Funny Vines accounts on Facebook or Twitter. Or hit up from your desktop to browse through and get a feel for how its being done. Vine operates in a totally different register of of the wall comedy and you can bomb it hard if you don’t quite get how people are communicating. A lot of vines do juxtaposing mash-ups of media that is already out there or plays off each other. Its a creativity that thinks outside of the box.

Using Vine 101:

It works by using your cell phone’s camera, allowing you to take video for as long as your finger is on the screen. This way, you can splice up several short clips and make them into one vine, rather than being stuck with one larger clip. Once your vine is ready, you can choose a category like Comedy or Animals, mark the location it was taken, and send it out to your adoring fans.Don’t forget to Hashtag for more exposure.

The vast majority of vines you’ll see on the site are comedic in nature, whether from insane people yelling at their phones or dancing like fools. Don’t think that Vine is just for hilarity, though, as people have managed to Hack vine and turn that six second limit into legitimately creative works. If you’ve got a steady hand and a creative mind, there’s very little you can’t do in six seconds. People in all walks of life are getting really into Vine, because it provides an easy way to express ourselves with nothing other than our smart phones. Twitter is great to show everyone how witty we are, but Vine appeals as a challenge to show your creative flare in a 6 second limit.

vine famousBig Business & Vine:

Celebrities all over are starting to flock to Vine, and major companies and personalities are using it as another way to promote their brands. You can hardly blame them, as it seems to help just about everyone in every creative field to show at least some competence in social media. People like Conan O’Brien have hit entire new levels thanks to savvy use of social media like Twitter, and Team Coco has since made the transition to Vine as well. There is even an agency of “Vine Stars” that offers to promote your company through influential viners for a fee.



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