What Her Text Messages Mean


They say communication is the key to any good relation. Women are a lot craftier at communicating than men. However, women tend to express in a unique way, leaving room for multiple interpretations and suggestions. Their language and behavior often seems enigmatic and inexplicable to men.

Men and women do communicate differently; hence, inherent problems appear. Actually, men always say they don’t understand women. Texting makes things even more complicated, because there’s no tone, no gesture, no eye contact. You can’t always sense if a girl is serious or she’s sarcastic. What to do? Firstly, don’t think women speak in riddles on purpose.  Try to decode girls’ messages by seeking advice from other girls: sisters, pals, mothers etc.

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Here are some basic examples of ‘what she actually means’:

  1. ‘Fine’ – women use this word when they want to end an argument. They think they are right anyway, but are tired of contradicting.
  2. ‘You know me so well’ – she has deep feelings, but does not want to say it, expecting you to do it first.
  3. ‘No problem’ – dangerous affirmation; she had probably repeatedly told you something and you never reacted or supported her.
  4. ‘Go ahead’ – this is a challenge, not permission; you should probably do the opposite.
  5. ‘A man flirted with me’ – she proves that she’s special, getting attention from other people. She is telling you that you might lose her anytime if you don’t treasure her.
  6. ‘Are you listening to me?’ – it’s already too late to listen to her. It is usually followed by a complaint; she had already noticed your lack of attention several times before.
  7. ‘I like you as a friend’ – she does not want to hurt your feelings and your masculinity by saying she is not attracted to you.
  8. ‘I am very busy’ – she does not want to be rude and hopes you will understand that she delicately tries to get rid of you.
  9. ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ – she makes sure she does not waste her time and energy with someone who is not single.
  10. ‘Where is our relationship going?’ – she wants things to become more serious, and wants you to ensure her that you are want the same things.
  11. ‘Hmm…’ – she wants to tell you something but doesn’t know how. This is when you are allowed to insist and ask her what she means.

Remember that punctuation signs can also be tricky. Periods and suspension points might indicate that she’s mad, or in a bad mood. Lack of emoticons could mean that she’s actually mad at you, which is why her messages are so impersonal. Exclamation point could mean the same thing, or could indicate excitement.

What you should further know is that there’s no secret to perfect communication. In time, two persons develop their own language and their own universe, which simplifies things. Until then, you need to keep deciphering her messages. Read between the lines and the feminine universe will stop being so famously mysterious.

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