Why Google+ Groups Are Important and Growing


Google_plus_logoThe key part of any social media experience is connecting with other people. Whether you’re meeting new people or keeping in touch with friends you’ve had for a long time, the internet would be a pretty lonely place if it weren’t for the connections we’re building and maintaining through social media. If you prefer to use the internet to get more organized with your groups of friends or with people who like the same sort of things, the biggest problem is figuring out what kind of social media to use. It can be as simple as using a shared Twitter hashtag, or mutual Facebook page, but Google+ communities look more and more like they are going to be the best place to go to keep your groups together and communicating.

In terms of capability, Google+ has a lot in common with Facebook, but with a much nicer interface. Google+ isn’t inundated with advertisements and hoops to jump through, making it much better to the people running the pages. Facebook pages don’t even share everything with everyone who likes the page; you have to pay a premium per post just to get the posts out there to everyone in the group, and that’s just messed up! Google+ doesn’t have any weird charges to use your community to its full potential.

Another strong advantage Google+ has over similar social media outlets is the group face-to-face chatting features. Rather than having to go separately through Skype, Facetime, or similar apps, you can have group meetings on Google+ right there without even opening a new tab. If you prefer to avoid the face-to-face aspect, though, Google+ still has all of the common features you’d find anywhere, including photo sharing, posting videos, sharing links, and creating events, either real life or digital.

The key reason why it looks like Google+ is really the way of the future is all of the restrictions being put on Facebook. As of right now, Facebook is still the dominating social media outlet for just about everything, but more and more, people are being scared away by the insane restrictions and the ads creeping in. Although your grandmother and other non-tech savvy people may stick around on the sinking ship, those of us who know there’s another option out there are fleeing in droves for better things. Google+ is really the obvious choice, as it does everything that Facebook does, only better.

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