Wii U Review: First Impressions


wii u boxAfter a few years being a console dinosaur playing my Playstation 2 and XBOX 360, I recently picked up a Wii U. Although it’s easy to keep up on a pretty big majority of games through PC alone, there are some great aspects of gaming that are a little harder on a laptop. The biggest among these was the ability to sit in a room together with friends and family and just enjoy a game.  Here are  my Wii U Review first impressions.

I went with Wii U rather than XBOX ONE or Playstation 4 basically for the same reason. The hardcore gamer in me sees the appeal of Playstation and XBOX’s tendencies to have the biggest “serious” games out there, but I was into this purchase for pure fun and the social aspect. Also, I love the Mario and Donkey Kong related titles and you just can’t get those with PS4 or XBOX ONE. It doesn’t hurt that the Wii U is also the cheapest of the three.


My first impression was slightly frustrated, but it gets better really quickly. Setting up and downloading the first big update seems to take AGES, and it’s a bit annoying when I realized I couldn’t link individual accounts to each controller like you can with XBOX. This would prove to be only a minor issue, because of the rest of the Wii U is basically complete awesomeness.

The community on the Wii U is great, as Nintendo does what they can to stop people from being jerks. It’s nice to go on to the community for a game you’re playing and see posts from people of all ages just enjoying playing video games, rather than the “let’s whip ‘em out and measure ‘em” attitude that most super serious gamers seem to have about it. It’s been a week and a half since getting a Wii U and I am yet to see a snarky comment or have to go through any negative experience with another player at all.

One of the coolest aspects of the Wii U is the versatility of the controllers. With many games, you can play with the Wii U Gamepad, a traditional controller, Wii remotes, and the Wii remote nunchuk. Apparently a replica Gamecube controller is being released soon, too, adding another way to play. For someone who has been gaming his whole life like yours truly, I much prefer a classic controller style. For casual gamers, being able to be more interactive and use a Wii remote has really big appeal, which is great.

The “there’s something for everybody” approach is really what makes the Wii U stand out so far. I have a half dozen games and they’re just pure entertainment goodness, which is exactly what I was looking for with the console. I’m sure there are games I’ll wish I could play that won’t come out for Wii U, but Nintendo hasn’t disappointed me so far with the great system.

Next Wednesday I’ll dive into reviewing some individual games, starting with New Super Mario Bros. U!


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