Vivino and Raisinable Apps – Impress Your Friends with Crazy Wine Knowledge



Sitting down for dinner at a nice restaurant and being handed the wine list… we’ve all been in this situation. Choosing a bottle to two to share amongst friends often leads to a discussion about which is best, but chances are that everyone talking knows little about wine. Whether you choose a good wine, and pay the right price for it, is anyones guess. Thankfully two apps, Vivino and Raisinable, are here to the rescue.



vivino app


Vivino is the go to app when you want to find out more information about any wine in particular. It’s as easy as snapping a quick photo of the label on any given bottle of wine and then uploading it to the app. The huge Vivino database is searched and then information on the grapes, winery and where in the world it is made is magically displayed. You can also read review form experts and ordinary wine drinkers to find out if it is any good. Even if the wine you want information on isn’t in the database, with so many experts on hand to identify wines it won’t be long before you’re sent the information you need.



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Once you have all the knowledge you need about any wine in the world, the next thing that comes into play is the price. Is the restaurant charging too much for it? What is the suggested retail price? With Raisinable you can find out the answers to these questions! This app will show you the wine lists of nearby restaurants, or you can simply search for the restaurant you want to check. It will then display the wine list, along with how much it costs and the mark up made by the restaurant when compared to the retail price of the wine.


Their Power Combined


With these two apps you’ve suddenly got some pretty powerful knowledge to tap into while sat around the restaurant table debating which bottle of wine you should all try. If you really want to look smart, best read up before you go for dinner so that you don’t have to consult your phone at the dinner table.

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