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The World’s Most Popular Selfie Snapping Spots


If you could take a selfie anywhere in the world, where would it be? On an idyllic tropical island perhaps, or maybe in front of your favourite football team’s stadium. On vacation we’re always looking to take that special photo at a place we can show off, and ticket brokers AttractionTix dug a little deeper to find out exactly where the number one selfie snapping spot in the world is.


Drum Roll Please

No survey was needed to compile a list of the most popular selfie attractions in the world, instead a simple Google site search of Instagram was the method used to create the rankings. Since so many people post their selfies on Instagram it seems like a pretty good way to deduce the most popular selfie snapping spot. So without further ado, it is the famous French landmark, the Effiel Tower, that took the number one spot with a whopping 10,700 hits when searching for ‘Effiel Tower Selfie’.


And the Runners Up are

Hot on the heels of the Parisian icon, coming in 2nd place is Disney World in Florida. Well, who wouldn’t stop for selfie with Mickey Mouse? As for third place, we have to head over to Dubai and the tallest building on the planet, none other that the Burj Khalifa. This mammoth skyscraper stretches 830m towards the clouds and has 211 floors.



How Other City Icons Fared

London’s famous Big Ben clock tower took the number 4 spot, and the Empire State Building in New York slipped just behind into 5th. The results seem to suggest that it’s iconic structures that many people look for when snapping selfies, so here are a few more from around the rest of the world that didn’t quite make the top ten. The Sydney Opera House came in 13th place, the Statue of Liberty in 17th place, and the Tower of Pisa in 30th. To see the entire top 40 head over to AttractionTix.



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