Yik Yak – The Absolutely Anonymous Messaging App


Say whatever you want without anyone knowing who you are. Seems a little pointless when you think about it, but actually the new anonymous messaging app called Yik Yak has more benefits than you might first think. It connects users that are geographically close to each other so discussions about relevant topics can happen between people, and true opinions can be voiced without anyone having to reveal their identity. Let the truth be known!


Spreading Like Wildfire

Yik Yak is the creation of a pair of developers, Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, graduates of Furman University in South Carolina. After some time developing Yik Yak, the app was released in November 2013 and spread like wildfire across the States and abroad. In fact, within just six short months the app had climbing the rankings to become the 9th most downloaded app in the United States. Have you got it yet? Get it here.


How it Works

By taking full advantage of a smartphone’s GPS capabilities and combining them with similar technology that Twitter uses, Yik Yak offers something entirely new in the landscape of social media networks. When you open the app there is no sign up or log in, it just gets straight to it and displays a message board of what is being posted by users within a one and a half mile radius. Everything you see written is by someone fairly close to you (proximity wise), and so you can post about relevant topics like a gig happening that night.


No Holding Back

The Yik Yak app has gaining lots of recognition already, and raised a whopping $62 million in funding just a couple of weeks ago. It seems the venture capitalists in Silicone Valley see a bright future for Yik Yak. However, the new app is not without its controversies, as Yik Yak has started blocking its use in schools via geofencing, because there were reports of the app being used to bully students.



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